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Municipal Governance

National Certificate: Municipal Governance
Qualification ID:  67467; NQF Level 5; Credits 140

The purpose of this qualification is to confer the qualifying student with the key knowledgeand skills in local government context to facilitate democratic relations between commonalities and various stakeholders that impact on local government democratic processes.

It provides the learner with necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes required to act as a proactive link between the public and the council for improving the lives of all the citizens in the municipalities.

Entrance Requirements:
Basic skills in English and Mathematical Numeracy at NQF level 4 or Grade 12, or equivalent.

Course Modules

* Legal framework that impacts on local government and integrating it into overall municipal governance functions.
* Theories and processes to facilitate local government elections.
* Broad managerial and administrative framework to municipal governance.
* Principles of sustainable development in local government.
* Local government planning processes for municipal governance and local government development.
* Municipal policy making and analysis processes.

Tembe Service Provides College will upload learner results onto the National Learner Record Database (NLRD) after being declared competent. Certificate of competence will be issued by LGSETA

Career Paths
Local Councillor, Municipal Administrator, Municipal Manager.

Training Approach
30% of theoretical training and 70% of the credits will be achieved through workplace experience and POE Activities.

Cost: On request